The DA Model was adopted by the FDOE to improve student performance in the State’s most struggling schools. Differentiated Accountability MTSS Specialists support the work of the State DA teams. The focus of the MTSS Specialists’ work is to provide training, technical assistance, and evaluation assistance to ensure that data-based problem solving within a multi-tiered system is a critical component of the school improvement efforts in targeted schools. MTSS Specialists provide internal professional development to their regional teams on MTSS and collaborate with other content (e.g., reading, math) specialists to improve the performance of schools in need of improvement.

Differentiated Accountability Regional MTSS Specialists
Anne (Juola) Ristow Ristow Info
Unit Coordinator & Southwest Region Specialist
(941) 447-3809
Susan Lowrey-Sexton Lowery-Sexton Info
Northwest Region Specialist
(850) 496-5601
Sandy Brusca Brusca Info
Northeast Region Specialist
(904) 477-0438
Teresa DiBiasio DiBiasio Info
Southeast Region Specialist
(407) 317-3626
Bryan Jones Jones Info
Southeast Region Specialist
(513) 602-1906