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Online Resources
Chart Dog 2.0
Chart Dog 2.0 is an interactive site that allows the user to load information into a graphing program to visually display progress monitoring data for a student or group of students.  This web-based graphing tool can be used with behavior or academic data and may be helpful for an educator learning to display data in a graphic format.
Monitoring Student Progress: School Improvement in Maryland
This website provides information for practitioners about developing a monitoring plan, evaluating the effectiveness of the plan, and using data to inform instruction. Developed in Maryland, this system references the specific learning standards and monitoring tools used in Maryland; however, the process can be applied to other statewide systems, and the site emphasizes the use of data to drive instruction.
National Center on Student Progress Monitoring
This site includes a discussion board as a forum to address the use of CBM for progress monitoring, an evaluation rubric for various commercially designed monitoring tools, and a comprehensive resource library.