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MTSS Implementation Support Team

The MTSS Implementation Support Team (MIST) is comprised of a Learning and Development Facilitator for English Language Arts (ELA), a Learning and Development Facilitator for Mathematics and Science, and four Regional Coordinators. The team works collaboratively to provide professional learning, technical assistance, and resources at the district, regional, and state level.

The focus of this team is to:
  • Advance district and school implementation of an effective multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) to improve outcomes for ALL students, including those with disabilities
  • Support the implementation of one effective, universal education system that increases access to, engagement with, and demonstration of Tier 1 learning for ALL students
  • Facilitate and support the use of a structured problem solving and planning process to address district and school needs and achieve goals for continuous improvement
  • Provide timely access to resources and tools that support data-based problem solving within a multi-tiered system of support
  • Build district and school capacity to improve instructional practices and outcomes for ALL students
  • Collaborate with education partners (i.e., Florida Department of Education, other discretionary projects, districts) to support the implementation of the B.E.S.T. Standards for ELA and Mathematics

Professional Learning, Research, and Evaluation Team

The Professional Learning, Research, and Evaluation (PLRE) Team contributes to the Project’s vision and mission through the following functions:
  • Supports the implementation of data-informed, comprehensive, standards-based professional learning by Project staff that facilitates the use of MTSS to improve student outcomes
  • Coordinates the creation of professional learning resources to increase capacity of Florida educators to implement MTSS
  • Evaluates Project and stakeholder practices to engage in continuous improvement
  • Builds capacity of Project staff and external stakeholders to
  • Engage in effective, evidence-based professional learning practices
  • Utilize existing research to improve the quality of the professional learning and supports provided to districts and schools
  • Apply effective evaluation practices as part of ongoing data-based decision making
  • Conduct research to inform problems of practice

Technology and Learning Connections Team

The Technology and Learning Connections (TLC) Team contributes to the Project’s overall vision and mission through the systemic alignment of technology, policies, and support. The TLC Team’s services support the local development of highly effective classrooms for students with disabilities based on the B.E.S.T. Standards through an MTSS within a universal education system. The TLC Team manages the AT & UDL Loan Library, designed to assist districts and schools in identifying technologies to increase student access, participation, and achievement.

The TLC Team provides guidelines and resources to support the implementation of:
  • Assistive & Instructional Technology
  • Accessible Educational Materials
  • Universal Design for Learning