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Regional Support

The Regional Support Unit is an expansion of the PS/RtI Project's original designation of regional support to school districts. The purpose of this unit centers around improving and increasing effective implementation of a multi-tiered system of support. The unit is comprised of four Regional Coordinators. The Regional Coordinators are tasked with providing professional development, training and technical assistance, and other forms of support to school districts, with a focus on support to district level leadership. Support is provided at the individual district level, to small groups of districts within a region, and at the regional level.

Student Support and Academic Achievement

Unit Mission & Vision
The mission of our unit is to increase capacity of instructional leaders through universal education practices grounded in research and evidence that result in high impact of student learning. The vision of our unit is to support educational leaders through standards-based instructional practices within a multi-tiered system of supports to accelerate outcomes and ensure all students exceed what they think is their potential.

Unit Functions

Check out the Student Support and Academic Achievement website at https://psrti-ssaa.weebly.com/

Professional Learning, Research, and Evaluation

Unit Mission & Vision
Our mission is to build capacity of Project staff and external stakeholders to effectively facilitate the continuous professional learning of Florida educators toward improved student outcomes utilizing appropriate research methodology and evaluation principles. Our vision is that all educators will improve student outcomes through the use of MTSS informed by professional learning, research, and evaluation.

Unit Functions

Technology and Learning Connections

The Technology and Learning Connections team supports districts and schools in the development of a universally designed, differentiated core curriculum that meets the learning needs of all students. Professional development, resources, and materials are available on the integration of assistive technology (AT), accessible instructional materials, and universal design for learning (UDL) to support appropriate and effective instructional decisions within an MTSS. The TLC Team maintains five regional technology support centers and an online AT & UDL Loan Library.

Check out the TLC Team's website at http://www.tlc-mtss.com.